Junior Programs

Strength and Conditioning programs designed for 10-13 year olds

Introducing the Dynamo Athletic Performance Pathway…    

The Performance Pathway is a uniquely designed, graded strength and conditioning system which our students follow. Everybody starts at level 1.1 and progresses through the levels at their own pace. This gives our students all of the benefits of an individualised training program whilst being in a fun group environment under the supervision of a coach.

In the LEVEL ONE curriculum, our students learn the basic movement patterns (squat, press, hip hinge, pull), correct jumping/landing mechanics, core strengthening and metabolic conditioning (cardiovascular fitness). All of this is done with a focus on enjoying training and building strong and healthy habits for the future.

In the LEVEL TWO curriculum, we begin basic barbell training with our students. We focus on teaching correct technique using sub-maximal weights along with learning gym safety and etiquette. The conditioning component intensifies as well as we record and track progress in every session to gauge improvements.

LEVEL THREE is where things get serious. Upon completing the level one and level two series of programs, the student is ready to be challenged more with the barbell and the weights can be safely increased. The conditioning component of level three is designed according to the students needs (sport specific or goal specific) and individual considerations are taken for competitive athletes in season.

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