I started with Dynamo not long after my eldest daughter started. I’d noticed how much she really enjoyed it, how much she had improved in her sport and thought I should do this too. Approaching 40 I was really wanting to get back into some type of fitness. I’ve never been one to commit to going to the gym but the personalised workout plans set by Trent clearly show that he is focused on educating on the importance of correct training and technique to avoid injury, promote strength and individual development. Dynamo is not your average gym as Trent makes it feel very personalised. The group sessions are super fun and I have a made wonderful friends along the way. I’ve now been going to Dynamo for nearly 4 years, I feel energised, healthier and stronger in life, body and mind. My entire family has been part of Dynamo and I especially love that we can work out together toward our own individual fitness goals. Trent’s is extremely professional and it is clear that he loves what he does and I highly recommend anyone to join the Dynamo family.

Michelle Court

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