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I have been coaching at Dynamo Athletic since August 2018. My journey to becoming a coach at Dynamo stemmed from my many years of playing football (soccer) which I was immersed in between the ages of 5 and 17. Towards the end of my playing days I found a new passion in coaching. I went on to complete a master’s degree in strength and conditioning as well as becoming a level 2 ASCA coach. Previous to coaching at Dynamo Athletic I help numerous roles at Football, Rugby and AFL clubs. 

I am not the military type coach that shout commands, I am more understanding and like to think that I take all factors into account when coaching in order to get the best outcome. Coming from a team sport background myself I realise the difficulties associated with training multiple times per week and in that missing out on training key physical aspects. For that reason, it is my goal to educate and help implement that into the training schedules of the youth population. 

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